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New Photos and Some Stanley Family Tree

I’ve uploaded a few more photos, and one surprise.  I’m not sure if I mentioned, but because there was so much construction through the whole of Indiana, we decided to drive over to Detroit and then down. I even got to show Richard the house we lived in when I was born.  Sadly, Gibraltar seems to be populated by Trump supporters now, but at least the house was still there. Anyway, because we were near, I stopped and got a photo for you.  I’m sure you’ll spot it.


I uploaded two family lines.  I have a lot more, but I figured this would get you started on the Stanley line.  I’ve gotten beyond what’s shown a couple of times, and couldn’t find any verification of the info I had so I trashed it and started again.  So many people want to be related to the Earl’s of Derby that I think they find a link to that family and go with it.  I’ve even seen people link themselves to Stanleys who died without issue, so wading through the disinformation is tough. I’ve had a lot of trouble finding the original immigrant, and I think that’s part of the problem.  I will keep expanding lines, and work on posting more soon.  We’ve got packing to do, so it might be a bit.  Also, many apologies.  I genuinely thought you had my father’s information.  For some reason, when you sent my mum’s tree, I thought it had my dad on there too.

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